Key Exam Essays Writing Tips

  1. Answering the Right Questions

The first of the writing tips is the most essential as it deals with the most common students’ error. It is not a rare case when the student answers a wrong question due to his or her lack of attention. Such carelessness may result in great disasters, low grades or even total exam failure. The most essential thing is to understand the requirements and the demands of the instructor or examiner. Moreover, it is recommended to provide the answer with referral to the asked question. It sounds like a conventional wisdom that is known by everybody; however, as a matter of practice, this simple point is frequently overlooked by the students who answer the wrong questions and are disappointed with their exam results.

  1. Writing an Efficient Introduction

The creative writing tips also cannot leave unattended the structure of an efficient academic paper. The value of introduction cannot be overestimated as it makes the initial impression on the readers. The introduction is used by a proficient writer to present a concise summarization of the key issues to be covered in the paper. Moreover, it can serve as clarification of the major essay concepts, if needed. Provided that there are an excessive number of details in the introduction, it cannot be considered an effective one. It is also a serious mistake to have the arguments presented in the introduction and then repeated in the main body. To ensure comprehensiveness and clarity of ideas, it is highly advisable to use short sentences instead of complex ones.

  1. Planning the Essay, a reputable writing service popular among the students worldwide, also presents essay writing tips that are related to planning the writing process and proper arrangement of the writer’s ideas. It is complicated to collect the ideas and take into account all the major arguments to produce a perfect essay; in that case, a plan serves as a great solution that provides an opportunity to ensure brainstorming the relevant thoughts and collect everything the writer is aware of regarding the chosen topic. It is also extremely important to avoid using too many details as it spoils the essay. It is a good idea to spend approximately 10 percent of the assigned time on introduction writing and selecting the main phrases and keywords for the essay.

  1. Tips for Argument Writing
  • writing a basic argument and statement;
  • explaining the argument in relation to the given question, even if that may sound too obvious;
  • reviewing the argument critically to discuss the basic premise and demonstrate the independence of thinking. This challenging part, usually referred to as evaluation or analysis, earns the highest grade if done in the correct way.

Those writing tips for students are prepared in terms of studying Economics; however, they may be of great help for everybody.

  1. Writing a Good Conclusion

An efficient conclusion weighs up all the presented arguments and gives the decision regarding the most relevant and strongest one. It should not merely repeat the previously stated ideas, but it is supposed to add a new one regarding the strongest argument with appropriate justifications.

  1. Time for Writing

Students frequently ask me for professional writing tips and advice regarding the writing procedures and time needed for an essay. However, there is no definite answer to this question. It is essential to submit the paper on time, having written everything you can within the allotted period of time. There is no doubt that quantity is not as important as quality is; however, if the essay is to short, it cannot deserve the highest grade. Typically, you get more points if you write more.

  1. Checking Whether You Have Answered the Question

You have to keep in mind the question you are supposed to answer not to realize that you have wasted your time and efforts on covering the irrelevant topic.

We do hope that our writing tips will help you become a proficient writer.

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