Writing Tips to Make College Application Essay Perfect

Applying to  college, you are supposed to present a college application essay written in the most efficient way to create the most favorable impression on those people who will decide whether your dreams will come true. Being an integral part of your college application, this essay is the only way to demonstrate your personal qualities, reveal your inner self and convince the admission committee that you are going to be an outstanding college student. It is your opportunity to present the details which you cannot present in any other documents you provide while applying. Moreover, this essay demonstrates how capable you are in working on serious writing projects and what you are apt to when you have time to prepare your written answer.

A common application essay can turn into a masterpiece that opens all the doors if you are yourself and do not try to show off or pretend being somebody else. It is a bad idea to postpone writing this essay and start writing it on the last day before submission. Be yourself and do not procrastinate! Those pieces of advice are invaluable when it goes about an efficient college application essay.

Writing Tips

  1. Be careful while choosing the topic! Remember that the topic should demonstrate your actual personality.
    • Do not write too much about the advantages of a certain college, the peculiarities of a certain profession or the pressure of study and extracurricular activities that you had as a high school student.
    • Be creative! Share your personal ideas and background stories! Focus on your high school records and other areas that cannot be read about in your application.
  2. Stay focused on narrow personal points!
    • Do not make college application essays look like resumes. An excessive number of covered topics is not a benefit.
    • Present a single personal aspect as a special one to make the readers interested in your personality. Make it easy for the readers to see what the main ideas of the essay are. Double check if it is easy to follow the essay from the introduction to the concluding parts. It is highly recommendable to apply for the assistance of a person you can trust, for example a parent or a friend, and ask to read the introductory part of your essay. Their feedback will give you a valuable hint how to proceed.
  3. Mere telling of the story is not sufficient; make the readers see the images.
    • Do not give dry facts that sound too general. Telling that you have a great variety of interests sounds boring and unclear
    • Use specific examples and vivid details to develop the concepts and ideas you want to present. For instance, present a story about your favorite pastime and provide details that sound personal and excite interest in the readers.
  4. Try to sound like yourself
    • Do not use any beaten or commonplace ideas and phrases that can make the admission committee yawn. Avoid being too general or too formal. Do not try to fill the essay with as many complicated terms and words as possible.
    • Your voice should be heard in every line of the application essay. A story about the actual event of your life or a description of your real feelings and the situations when you were forced to take action or a serious decision always sounds more natural and interesting than business-like enumeration of the happenings. Remember that if your essay is done by an adult, it is always noticed easily by the committee.
  5. Proofreading as a must
    • Computer spell check is not sufficient while proofreading the written essay. The best idea is to have a teacher or your parent proofread the essay you have written to exclude the possibility of typos or grammar inconsistencies.

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