Great Topic Ideas for Your Descriptive Essays

If you find yourself struggling to think of good descriptive essay topics for your next assignment, do not worry because you will find a full list of great ideas in this article. From these prompts, you will be able to produce a winning essay that your readers will enjoy. Do not get tricked with cheap essay examples because these will not help you achieve your goals.

What is really needed for a descriptive essay is an interesting idea that will give you the incentive to be original, creative and innovative. This will ensure the praise of your tutor! Take a look at the following ideas and discover how a single great idea can get you the highest possible grade!

Topics About People

Use one of these descriptive essay ideas to tell your readers about:

  1. Your closest friend.
  2. The house you live in.
  3. What you think is the most important aspect of a person’s character.
  4. Your mother as she seemed to you when you were a child.
  5. Yourself – as though you were describing yourself to someone you just met online but have never met face-to-face.
  6. Someone you were once close to but who is no longer in your life.
  7. Yourself – to someone you have never met before but are about to meet.
  8. A famous person you want to meet or speak to.
  9. A relative you are fond of.
  10. A stranger you recently met in a public place.

Topics About Places

These ideas about places should provide good material for your essay, particularly if you are just learning how to write a descriptive essay. Write a description about:

  1. The venues and/or landmarks you like in your neighborhood.
  2. The place where you can think in peace.
  3. The home of some relative you often visit.
  4. The country you would love to take a vacation in
  5. Your childhood bedroom.
  6. Your vision of the perfect house.
  7. An imaginary place that exists only in your dreams.
  8. An unusual nightclub you recently visited.
  9. A natural landmark or site you love to visit when time permits.
  10. Your favorite shop or shopping mall.
  11. What you think the first homes on Mars will be like.
  12. The place where your pet loves to go for a walk or play.
  13. What you think the ideal living room would look like.
  14. A classroom or particular school that stands out in your memory.
  15. The most disturbing place you have ever been in.

 Topics About Things or Objects

Maybe you are still asking, “what is a descriptive essay?” If so, try some of these ideas for practice. Write about:

  1. Your favorite outfit or item of clothing.
  2. The most notable features of your bedroom.
  3. The type of transport you depend on to get to school/college.
  4. A unique item of furniture that makes your living room special.
  5. Some item you want to keep and take with you on your journey through life … right to the end.
  6. The most unusual food you ever tasted.
  7. What you think the transport of the future will look like.
  8. The games you enjoyed most as a child.
  9. Something or someone that makes you feel extra special.
  10. Some item that has been in your family for many years and is still in use.

Topics About Memories

Here are a few more topics for descriptive essays: Describe the following to your readers:

  1. What you remember about a concert you went to.
  2. The time you met a celebrity.
  3. The best journey you ever went on.
  4. Your very first recollections of life.
  5. Someone you recall as having been an integral part of your life.
  6. A moment of great horror in your life.
  7. The worst day of your life and why it was so bad.
  8. Your memories of the first vacation you went on with your parents.
  9. An embarrassing moment in your life.
  10. A time of great worry and/or anxiety.
  11. Some positive experience you once had.
  12. The best day you ever spent at college … and the worst.
  13. The moment you and your best friend first met (this is one of those descriptive essay topics that people often write about!)
  14. A special moment you spent with your friends or relatives.
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