Difference Between Personal Essay and Story Writing

Writing a personal essay is an activity that every student is obliged to do from time to time. Still, many of them find it difficult to distinguish personal essay from story writing. To understand the difference, you should remember that story is a fiction. Consequently, the main character of the story can be anyone, starting from a prince and ending with an animal. Besides, the events of a story can happen anywhere and anytime and are not necessary connected to a specific period of time. On the other hand, an essay is a piece of writing about you. Essays of such type can contain such literary devices as exaggeration. Still, they have to be closely connected to the real life.

Short description of a story may look as follows:

  • Every story has its plot and characters. Do not forget that the characters of a story are fictional.
  • Stories are written in a descriptive style.
  • Short story is not big in size.

Speaking about essay, personal essay examples can be easily found on the Internet. Still, if you want to write a paper yourself, choosing the topic you like most from the variety of personal essay topics, remember the following structural elements of a given kind of paper:

  • If you do not know how to write a personal essay, just think of yourself. Normally, it is a set of personal opinions, feelings, memories and description of your personality.
  • Regarding writing style, you may choose any style you want. Writing can be done in a descriptive form, in a form of questions, using such writing elements as exaggeration, etc.
  • The paper should be divided into paragraphs. Each paragraph represents one main idea.

While writing essays, you must concentrate on your personality because you are the main topic of the paper. To write a high quality essay, you should describe your attitudes, desires, hopes, beliefs and feelings.

If you start writing your paper but still do not know how to do it correctly, you may use the techniques outlined below:

  • Describe funny or interesting events from your past. Write catching stories that can be interesting for the readers to draw their attention to your paper.
  • Use quotes irrespective of people who used them: your friends, relatives, famous people, etc.
  • Write your paper in a descriptive manner to get people acquainted with you in an unusual way.
  • Try to figure out and then explain readers the facts and events that made you a person you are now.
  • To make your essay brighter, use your imagination but do not forget that too much fantasy can turn your paper into a story, which is not your intention!
  • Use exaggeration to make your story more exciting and dramatic.
  • Describe your problems but do not forget that whining is not interesting for anyone. You should offer solution to the existing problems and grab attention of readers by your fresh thinking.
  • Besides the events of your own life, you can easily share personal observations regarding things and phenomena that surround you.
  • Be yourself in every written sentence. If you tend to be funny, brutal or sarcastic in your real life, add a little bit humor, sarcasm or brutality to your paper. It will help readers better understand you and what you intended to show in your essay.

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