Tips on How to Write a Good Essay

All modern students are wondering how to write a good essay. Whether the paper is for a grant, a class, or just a contest, everyone will find this task overwhelming. The best way to succeed in writing is following a unique and simple sequence of steps. Kathy Livingston in her Guide to Writing a Basic Essay presented the following seven steps that answer the question of how to write a good essay.

The first step is choosing your topic. It may be assigned by your instructor, or you can have a choice, and will help you pick a narrow and suitable subject. With an assigned topic, everything is easy. You just have to present your ideas in an original manner. However, if the subject is not assigned, you will have to struggle picking good essay topics. You have a chance to choose an interesting subject and impress your readers. The first step is defining your purpose (educate, inform, or persuade), after which you can begin conducting research. If your aim is to educate, pick a subject that you are knowledgeable about. If your task is to persuade, then pick a topic that sparks your passion. Afterwards, you can begin outlining and jotting down ideas. Make sure that your thoughts are well organized. By putting your ideas into a diagram, you will have a clear picture. This will be a basis for your paper. To make a diagram, you can write your topic and streamline ideas from it, ensuring an organized structure. In case you prefer outlines, you can just start writing your ideas down.

Wondering how to start a good essay, remember that a strong thesis statement is critical. You can easily define it by looking at your outline or diagram. Your thesis statement will consist of two parts. The first segment is the topic, and the second one is the point. Thereafter, you are ready to begin working on body paragraphs. This section argues, clarifies or describes your topic. Every main point from your diagram or outline should become a separate section. Each body paragraph begins with one of your main ideas. Next, use your supporting ideas, but leave several lines between different points to fit in detailed examples. Afterwards, you will be able to come back to every section and support it by examples as well as connect all of them.

Good essays are not written overnight, so prepare to work on your introduction. Having a developed thesis and overall body will make it easier. The introduction should be alluring and informative. Start with an attention grabbing idea. It has to be connected to your thesis statement, which will most likely be presented as the last sentence of your introduction.

The next step in writing a good college essay is crafting a good summary. The conclusion sums up your ideas and provides a final perspective. Your summary should have three to five solid sentences. It also has to reinforce your thesis.

The last step on the path to writing a good essay is paying attention to details. Revise the order of paragraphs. The strongest points should be listed first, with others hanging in the middle. Additionally, make sure that all paragraphs follow a pattern. Take a look at the instructions. Check your required format, and double check the requirements to be sure that your paper is written in the needed format. Lastly, review all that you have written. Reread and edit your paper if necessary. Check whether the sentence flow is smooth and add connecting phrases. Afterwards, check your paper for grammar and linguistic errors. Congratulations! After all, you have written an amazing essay.

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