How to Create a Common App Essay

You may ask yourself how to select a good topic for your common app essay that will show you as an individual? Thus, you need to know the good news that almost each of them will do for you. It does not matter what topic is chosen, as the main thing is how to make common app essays unforgettable and not similar to others. Colleges look for self-aware, persistent, and curious students. The common app essay examples make a door being open for every applicant to display the way he or she is that type of individual.

What Does Your Common App Paper Should Include?

Ponder about the common app essay prompts as some points to begin from. One should provide Yale Admissions as an example. It states that the topic does not mean anything; the only meaningful thing is your perspective towards it and how you see it.

The Common App Essay Questions for 2015–2016

  • A lot of students have their own identity, background, talent, or interest that means much to them. They think their common app essay will not be complete without this information. If this is close to you, you are welcome to narrate your story.
  • Every lesson we take from a failure can be basic and serve as a trigger to further success. Just recall the time or incident you were facing some failure. Do you remember how it impacted you and what experience it brought you? Common app essays may reflect even such idea.
  • Recall a moment when you experienced a strong belief or idea. What pushed you to do something? If you had a chance to repeat, would you behave again in the same manner?
  • Common app essay examples may be various. One of them is as follows. Depict a problem you were able to solve or an issue you would wish to solve. Such challenge may be related to something intellectual; it may be either an ethical dilemma or a research query, i.e. it may be everything of individual importance that is essential to you. Now, you should explain the importance of this matter and describe the steps to be taken to achieve a proper solution.
  • Debate on an event or accomplishment, being informal or formal, which underlined your transfer from being a child to an adult inside your community, family, or culture.

How to Select Common App Essay Prompts

Review every topic and ask yourself common app essay questions related to any of your individual experience recalled. Note them all down; then review your list again.

  • It is probable that those experiences being more essential for you will create the perfect themes for your common app essay. Sometimes the paper about a simple thing, may be even more powerful than a global topic, such as “How to save the world.”
  • Try to play with few themes before sticking to one of them. This method helps reveal the deep connections and make your common app essays more alive. Keep in mind that many topics have already been overused. The other thing is if you can look at these themes from an oppositely different angle. Such topics involve divorce, sports, death, religion, travel, and politics.

Some More Guidelines for the Good Common App Essay

  • Don’t forget about the word count. Its maximum limit should be 650 words. However, you should not write till its limit. You should try to bring your message with the help of few words. It will make your essay more powerful. The minimum available word count should be 250 words only.
  • Moreover, pay enough attention to every writing addition asked by your college. It can be important just as much as your essay for having good chances of admission.

Therefore, good common app essay examples are important to be reviewed, though the topic properly chosen is of considerable significance too. If you are anxious whether you will cope with creating an efficient common app paper or not, we are able to help you at Don’t hesitate to email us right now!

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