College Essay Prompts for Creative Writing

We guess that just as any student you experience some challenges and difficulties with preparing your written assignments from time to time. Probably, you even hate all these paperwork. Nevertheless, the problem is that you still have to submit a good paper. Moreover, even though you may not like the topic or have limited time, in-depth research has to be carried out, the writing should be fresh, and the assignment should be completed before the deadline. As an earnest student, you sit down to your PC with some or no ideas and try to create an academic masterpiece. But … nothing happens. In order to complete an assignment, a student has to become an artist of a word, and just as for any writer, inspiration is crucial. However, what to do if the Muse has lost its way? In such a situation, some college essay prompts are just what you need.

Many writing experts, journalists, and bloggers keep at home some books with different writing exercises and writing prompts. Others suggest having a notebook to write down any ideas that enter your head. When the time comes, you will be able to use these thoughts as writing boosters. Just a tiny hint and you are going to write into the sunset.

Creative Writing Prompts

In order to prepare your assignment in a good fashion, you have to employ fresh writing, develop creative ideas, and take a different angle. Some good college essay prompts can help you easily cope with this task. Today, we are going to teach you how to make your own list that will give you a helping writing hand when needed. No boring theory! Please, relax and have fun!

Just to demonstrate you the logic, we offer some ideas for creative writing, be it an essay, poem, or fiction story. This list, though, can be easily adopted for your research paper or dissertation.

Boost the Writing Process!

There are some common notions and themes that have always triggered readers’ imagination and interest. Ancient said, “Panem et Circenses!” Make use of circenses, and you are half-way to success.

  • Write about a war, genocide, hate, death, or fear but add some beauty to it. Ugliness has always attracted people. Impossible to look at and impossible to take the eyes off… It is the everlasting antinomy.
  • Write about something personal – early memories, experiences, spirituality, faith, etc. Anonymity is not interesting!
  • Write about something supernatural – a ghost, poltergeist, UFO, or magic. The unknown not only frightens but also acts as a true magnet. Undiscovered has to be discovered!
  • Share your first romantic or sexual experience. Dare to say, “Sex always sells!”
  • Write about the Earth, nature, or the environment. Mix the unmixed: a car in the wild prairie; a rose in iron town, a mustang in New York, etc.
  • Write about the good vs. bad battle. Is the world so black-and-white? Are there any gray areas?
  • Play close to the edge! “An asteroid will hit the earth in two hours…” “The world is ruled by …”
  • Be unpredictable! “While digging the garden, a man finds a time capsule …”

You can find thousands of other essay prompts on the Internet; however, if you have grabbed the general logic, you will manage to create your own ones. This way, you will not have to spend hours on browsing but will simply choose one from your list when the time comes. Develop your helping list beforehand, not to let any assignment catch you off balance.

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