Writing Tips to Prepare a Perfect 500 Word Essay

Although a task to write a 500 word essay may appear as a great challenge for an inexperienced writer, it is possible to overcome all the difficulties following the helpful writing tips at Buy-Custom-Essays.org. You do not want to fail, do you? Then try to eliminate your negative attitude to the work you are supposed to do and look at the assigned task from a different angle. Take the challenge as an adventure and believe in yourself – that will be a good start. Be hopeful about your skills, abilities and capacity to work quickly and efficiently. Your optimism and our tips for inexperienced writers will be of invaluable help for your work

Peculiarities of a 500 Word Essay

How long is a 500 word essay? What is the essay about? Is it very difficult to start writing? How is it possible to facilitate the writing process? How long does it take to collect the ideas? What is the first stage of writing? How does this essay distinguish itself among other types of academic assignments? There are numerous questions that bother students who are willing to get a high grade and produce the most efficient essay that can impress the professor.

It is a common essay that contains 500 words and is made up of three parts. Its objective is to describe a certain phenomenon, event, object or person in a clear and vivid way providing as many details as possible. How that can be achieved? It is advisable to try to make a comparison between different things and associate the taken event or object with some other events or objects.

You may ask how to write a 500 word essay so that the professor had no critical remarks about it. Use the universal Times New Roman font 12, double space. A typed essay will take approximately a page and a half. You are supposed to consult the instructor to clarify if it acceptable to exceed the word count of exactly 500 words, as the requirement can vary among the colleges and universities.

A well-written 500 word essay example typically comprises an introduction, a body and a conclusion.


The chosen or assigned topic is to be presented in the thesis statement which should be included into the introduction. In case you are the one who chooses the topic, try to be very selective and devote certain time to think over your choice. A right topic covered in an appropriate way earns a good grade. Provided that you are given the topic and you cannot change it, you can still make it sound more exciting and draw more attention of the readers. Generally, the students receive very broad topics which they can subdivide into narrower topics. The latter determine the thesis statement that you present in the introductory part.


A superb 500 word essay example has a number of peculiar features that show its high quality and professionalism of writing.

  • The body applies unusual approach to the topic that arouses the interest of the readers and turns them into involved participants.
  • The author is capable of sharing the ideas and feelings related to the described event, phenomenon or object with the interested readers.
  • The body of the essay contains major images that impress the readers who feel as if they were the characters of the essay.


A 500 word paper should be concluded with a 50-word conclusion to summarize what has already been said. Only the main ideas should be restated here. It is a mistake to introduce any new ideas in the conclusion. A creative approach and putting oneself in the readers’ shoes, the writer makes the essay more interesting; however, research is also essential to produce a high quality paper. The information for the essay should be taken only from reliable sources to guarantee the credibility of the essay.

Following the easy writing tips, you will be able to write a perfect 500 word essay and be satisfied with the result.

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