How to Deal with Argumentative Essay?

The main task of the argumentative essay is to make a student explore a particular topic by gathering and analyzing proper data, producing supporting evidence, and providing laconically personal opinion on certain issue. Argumentative essay topics usually require in-depth research of the related materials. To succeed in such writing, a student has to use different ways to collect information such as experiments, interviews, observations, or surveys. New aspects of the issue in question may appear in the process of careful investigation that will lead a student to some important speculations concerning the topic. Therefore, he or she will have the opportunity to adopt the right attitude to the theme and find conclusive proofs to support it. Argument essay topics force a writer to provide a strong thesis and valid reasons to defend their position.

Argumentative essay examples demonstrate the following structure of such piece of writing.

  • The first paragraph should include a strong, definitive, and laconic thesis statement.

The general overview of the topic under investigation should comprise the first paragraph of an argument essay. Then, students have to clarify the significance of the theme. Finally, they have to introduce their thesis statement. To write a convincing and sufficient essay, a student should master the art of composing a thesis statement. It is not an easy task to follow the instructions and pressure the data into one sentence. However, students should learn how to do that because they may face difficulties in creating a good essay.

  • There should be logical and vivid transition phrases between the parts of the essay, i.e. the introduction, body, and conclusion.

The whole structure of the essay is based on transitions. It is impossible for a reader to comprehend the main subject of the text when the logical outline of the author’s thinking is not presented. The purpose of transition words and phrases is to summarize the major points of the previous part of the essay and present the idea of the next part.

  • Evidence should be provided in the body paragraphs to support the essay’s idea.

The discussion of the topic should be restricted in each paragraph since it helps follow the idea from the beginning to the end. Another crucial moment concerns the connection of the body paragraphs to the thesis statement. Argumentative essays require each paragraph to be logically linked to the thesis statement presented in the opening paragraph. In some paragraphs, the thesis statement should be supported with the acquired through preliminary research evidence. The author should also provide the explanation of the way the evidence proves the thesis.

It is important for the main idea of the essay to be explained and discussed regarding various points of view. Students should devote a few paragraphs to speculating on the contradicting aspects of the topic if the length of the essay permits. It is not advisable to show the way these points differ from the thesis. The author should suggest how the disputable opinions are obsolete or ill-informed.

  • Support the thesis with logical, anecdotal, factual, or statistical evidence.

To support the thesis statement and discuss differing opinions, argumentative essay topics should be explained through legitimate data and up-to-date information. The evidence supporting the thesis could be either factual and logical or anecdotal. In any case, different opinions should be considered while researching the topic and gathering proofs.

If students expect their essay to be effective and conclusive, they have to include other points of view on the topic that contradict the thesis. This is the best way to demonstrate the depth of research and strength of reasoning.

  • A conclusion should readdress the thesis considering the researched evidence.

This part of the essay is the one to impress the reader the most. For this reason, students often encounter difficulties in the process of writing a conclusion. Therefore, an author must not present any additional information that has not been mentioned before but summarize the whole idea. The main points and thesis statement should be reviewed and restated. The writer could also suggest the appropriateness of further research concerning the discussed issue. Moreover, the topics for argumentative essays at always provide enough information to argue about.

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