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Writing has become an integral part of everybody’s life nowadays. It is needed in numerous contexts and cannot be replaced with any other skill. Academic writing is a specific type of writing that distinguishes itself among other types with the necessity to adhere to certain standards, practices and rules. It is crucial to be well aware of all modern principles of this type of writing to be competitive in the market and successful in study and career development.

All practices and rules related to writing a good academic paper deal with the formal structuring and arrangement of the ideas. Moreover, all the borrowed ideas are supposed to be properly referenced and cited to ensure the credibility of the presented information. The characteristic features of academic writing differ from those of personal writing in numerous contexts. It should be noted that there is a special academic tone that determines specific character of academic grammar, punctuation, spelling and ordering the ideas in the paper.

Academic Structuring

Academic papers are known for their specific structure that comprises the beginning, middle part and the corresponding conclusion in the end. It is a typical commonly used structure for essays and other writing assignments which are to be submitted at the high schools, colleges and universities.

Academic Referencing

The academic style is clearly seen in the approach to referencing the cited material. The relevant citations and properly arranged bibliography lists are necessary for all kinds of academic term papers, research papers, essays, thesis and all other types of academic assignments.

Abstract Concepts

It is generally accepted that the focus of the academic assignments is on the abstract ideas, concepts and notions. Those ideas cannot be presented in a physical or concrete form. Therefore, academic style of writing is different from that of writing CVs, cover letters, recording meeting minutes or personal writing as it is not oriented at abstract relationships and processes instead of performing the functional or practical tasks. It is necessary to note, though, that it is possible to present the abstract ideas and explain the abstract relationships between those ideas using the concrete words that are physically oriented. Therefore, the non-material and abstract academic topics required physical words and notions for proper explanations.

Academic Phrasing

A specific academic tone of writing academic papers determines the word choice and special phrasing that is easily recognized in the academic assignments.

Target Audience

The writer should always remember which audience is supposed to be reached. Being aware of the peculiar features of the academic type of audience, the writer is supposed to use the academic tone adhering to all appropriate standards and rules. It is considered obligatory to keep to the academic formality standards and be conscious of the necessary changes to be made. It is an error to target the academic essays, research papers, term papers and other kinds of assignments only at the instructor or lecturer. The target audience should be much more general including all thinking people who would be interested in reading the paper devoted to your chosen topic. It is important to remember that terms and specific concepts can be not familiar to the readers; therefore, it is crucial to take that into account while preparing the paper.

Grammar and Punctuation

Every academic research paper, essay, term paper or any other academic assignment should be edited and proofread to ensure that all the grammar, spelling and punctuation rules are followed strictly. It is important to make everything clear as the end-user of your writing should read the paper easily and understand everything you are referring to. Clarity of writing should be a must. Keeping to the grammar and punctuation rules you will avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding of the ideas you want to present.

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