How to Produce a Perfectly-Written 5 Paragraph Essay

Professional writers hardly ever use a 5 paragraph essay in its classic form; however, it is a common high school, college and university assignment for students who need to enhance their writing skills and improve the ability to arrange their ideas properly. Moreover, it is a typical essay format of providing a clear response to the exam question. Thus, there are five paragraphs as follows:

  • introduction;
  • main body paragraph;
  • main body paragraph;
  • main body paragraph;
  • conclusion.

In addition, it is advisable to have a 5 paragraph essay outline and smooth transitions between the paragraphs to ensure that the essay is comprehensible and easy to read.


An efficient introduction is supposed to present general discussion of the given problem and contain thesis or a specific main point of the whole essay. Those who know how to write a 5 paragraph essay that can impress the readers start the introduction with the so-called “grabber”. It is supposed to engage the attention and surprise or challenge the reader. A good thesis presents an overall argument in one or two sentences and gives a brief account of the contents. For instance, the introduction of the essay devoted to the necessity of car airbags can contain details regarding the survival rates in the car accidents. A good grabber can terrify the reader with the story of a person who survived only owing to the airbag, while a thesis should present the reasons why airbags can be used.

Three Main Body Paragraphs

Every paragraph of the main body focuses on one reason or idea from the thesis. It should have a mini-thesis, which is a clear presentation of the main idea, along with the supporting explanations and discussions. A perfect convincing 5 paragraph essay should use specific details and numerous examples.


An efficient conclusion cannot just repeat the thesis statement; it should be a paraphrased or restated main point of the essay with several sentences that highlight the importance of the chosen topic and your opinion. Being specific at the beginning, the conclusion becomes more general at the end, making the reader have certain impression or feeling.

Smooth Transitions

A 5 paragraph essay template that can be found online shows how to ensure the connection between the essay paragraphs. Jumping from one idea to another is not efficient, especially in the main body. The ideas should be related with each other using either the beginning of the following paragraph or the ending of the previous one. A transition between the paragraphs is a must. It can be based on both the last sentence of the previous paragraph and the starting sentence of the next paragraph. There is a list of phrases and words that demonstrate the relationships between the paragraphs, comparing and contrasting ideas:

  • on the other hand (the first paragraph is about advantages, while the second one is about disadvantages);
  • more importantly (the following paragraph is devoted to something more significant);
  • even before (it is used to show the development in comparison with the past);
  • love versus profit (contrasting ideas).

A perfect 5 paragraph essay example can show how to find the most relevant transitions and links between the paragraph topics. Brainstorm the ideas and find the best one yourself. In addition, the conclusion is also supposed to be linked somehow to the last essay paragraph. It is possible to do the summing up of the third paragraph of the main body with the help of certain reminders related to the ideas from the previous paragraphs. Referral to a specific detail, character or example can be a better way to pull the ideas together in comparison with complete restatement of the presented topics. Thus, you can clearly demonstrate that you are ready to draw a conclusion.

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