How to Write Essay That Is Worth a High Grade

Many college students do not know how to write essay worth an excellent grade. There is a simple scheme to be followed – “research – write – check.” While everything seems to be clear with the first two stages, most freshers do not know what to check once they have finished writing an essay. In the early education, a high emphasis is put on correcting any grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Consequently, even at college and university, most students only proofread their papers and fail to make a holistic evaluation of the ready assignment. In general, most experts agree that, even though punctuation and grammar do matter, solid organization, logical structure, creative content, unconventional approach, and fresh writing are far more important.

When you are revising your own piece of writing or someone else’s work, it is always better to follow some kind of evaluation criteria in order to find all the drawbacks and mistakes to be corrected. Let us take an essay as an example; we have developed an essay checklist with some guidelines to be used.

Essay Structure and Organization

  • Is the structure clear? Does it include an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion?
  • Does the introductory paragraph provide sufficient background information?
  • Is there a strong thesis statement? Is the purpose of the essay clearly articulated?
  • Is the essay logical? Does it move from general notions to specific facts?
  • Has the writer avoided any flaws? Are the transitions smooth?
  • Is the overall structure clear? Are all paragraphs properly organized? In other words, make sure each paragraph is a logical unity with a topic sentence at the beginning. You cannot switch the subject in the middle.
  • Does the conclusion actually summarize the essay? Remember: no new facts and ideas should be introduced in the conclusion.
  • Do all paragraphs refer to the thesis? Does each one introduce some valuable information?

These points are rather simple and clear. Probably, you will easily cope with checking this part without any exterior essay help.

Proper Style and Content

  • Does the essay address specific audience? For example, for a general audience, the language should not be too sophisticated.
  • Is the length of the essay adequate? Remember that essay is a short academic assignment.
  • Are the writer’s viewpoints and ideas supported by clear examples and reliable facts?
  • Has the topic of the assignment been fully addressed?
  • Has the writer employed appropriate style and language?
  • Has the writer managed to avoid bias that can insult the reader?
  • Is the tone academic and professional?
  • Is the language concise and clear?
  • Has the writer employed creativity and unconventional approach? Is the writing fresh?

The content of your paper is what really matters for your reader. If you cannot make your essay interesting and appealing, you know nothing about how to write an essay of high quality.

Sources and Research

  • Has the writer used credible and up-to-date sources?
  • Is the research coherent and unbiased?
  • Are the findings fully explained and analyzed?
  • Has the writer provided clear evidence?
  • Has the writer managed to avoid faulty reasoning?
  • Are the references and in-text citations properly formatted?
  • Are all the direct quotations accurate?
  • Has the writer logically introduced each quotation?
  • In the cases of paraphrasing, are all sources mentioned?
  • Are the limitations addressed? (If applicable)
  • Are recommendations clear? (If applicable)
  • Are all facts accurate and reliable?

You should better consider all these points in the process of writing an essay; changing anything on the checking stage will take you a lot of time and efforts.


  • Are there any grammar and punctuation mistakes?
  • Is the essay spellchecked?
  • Are the headings properly formatted and capitalized?
  • Has the writer used correct font and margins?

This checklist can help you prepare an academic paper worth a good grade on your own. However, if you still feel confused and do not know how to write essay of high quality, contact now. Our writing experts will provide you with professional assistance concerning your essays online.

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