Most Terrifying Places in the World

Each of us had fun with friends and scared them with horror films, dark lofts, underground tunnels, etc. Today the most famous terrifying places are hospitals and zones of active hostilities. Nevertheless, there are several places where you can go today if you are not scared and want to feel new strong emotions. Here is the list of some of them.

Not fun places to visit

Most-terrifying-places-in-the-world1. Unknown depth

Visit “The Wall,” the most dangerous and unexpected two miles sea depth, near the coast of St. Croix. Something or somebody scared even Blue Whales in that place. No one knows what is going on there. Visitors tell various mystery stories. Let us see whether you are brave enough.

2. Biosafety lab

Biosafety lab on the fourth level is one of the scariest places on earth! You can meet here various types of viruses and bacteria, which kill everything on their way. Just imagine such a visit! You will be glad to come back to your boring workplace.

3. The black forest

It became well-known because of Siecho Matsumoto’s novel Koroi Koiji, where he describes the cases of mass suicides in the middle of the 20th century. The forest is so thick that it is always dark. It is full of dead bodies, ghosts, and graves. Diggers come here to steal some jewelry from them.

4. Togo fetish market

You will see such various mystical and spiritual elements as skulls, limbs and skeletons of animals, voodoo dolls, etc. You may also enter the stalls and hunts, undoubtedly the most horror places there, which are full of magic!

5. Jacob’s Lake

This 70 feet deep well in Texas is unquestioningly a fearful area. Dead frozen bodies from the 70th of the 20th century have been found there recently. It has a system of tunnels, which are similar to the labyrinth. In addition, a lot of mystical things happened there.

6. Ukraine: Chernobyl

The devastating nuclear accident occurred 30 years ago in the little Ukrainian town of Prypiat. Thousands of square kilometers of the territory were affected by radiation. Today it is a ghost town with empty buildings. Few want to visit it!

7. Waverly Hills

In 1960 in the state of Kentucky, there was a tuberculosis hospital, which later became the psychiatry. Doctors tortured patients here. One of the cruelest methods was called “Body Chute” or “Death Tunnel.” Staff used it for the transportation of dead bodies. The phantoms of the patients are still here. It is dark here, but many visitors saw and heard the ghosts!

Published: November 8, 2016
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