Main Student Mistakes in Preparing for Exams

Every year students have to pass through the hardest time in the whole educational year, the exam week. Many of them take learning seriously and do not leave the desk until they are fully prepared. This period becomes a huge learning experience. Below, we are going to describe some ways in which our brain tricks us into studying without actually learning anything.

Cramming-for-examsUsing Highlighters whilst Cramming for Exams

If you have ever been to college, you might have seen students highlighting their notes. However, markers do not instantly upload information into your head; they can only emphasize the needed things. It seems obvious, but many students still make such a mistake while preparing for the exams. A great learning experience instead of using highlighter would be writing the key points of the material on a separate page, which you can look through easily at any place and any time.

Nest Building

One of the things not to do while preparing for the exams is spending hours equipping the perfect study nest. People think that everything has to be perfect, from the chair to coffee, every single detail has to be fixed, but in reality, it is just one more reason not to study yet.

Re-Reading Everything that Has Been Learned Before

Re-reading notes is not studying. Instead of doing it while watching favorite TV episodes, take time to revise the material properly. If you are in math or engineering, solve some problems. If you are in history, write down the main dates, or recapitulate the chapters you need by reading them aloud to your roommate. Remember that fake studying is the worst waste of time, so this is one more among the things not to do when you are having exams.

Complaining that Professors Have Not Directed You Properly

All your teachers did their best to teach you the subject. Actually, exams are not the point of education. This is just a way to check whether you have an understanding of the material covered in the class. You are in college to learn how to think independently and cope with things by yourself; exams are just a little part of this process.

So, when you are having an examination week, remember that it is better to avoid doing the things listed below:

  • Using highlighters instead of writing main points on a separate page.
  • Nest building instead of actually learning.
  • Re-reading the entire course.
  • Complaining that you did not get clear directions.
Published: October 4, 2016
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