How to Build a Long Term Career Plan

How many people think in details about their future in 5 years? Statistics gives numbers. 39% of British workers do not think ahead about their future job positions. Moreover, 25% do not think about their career progress at all. It is easier to live in the present day and bother about nothing, but it has no prospects. A person without an aim goes nowhere. Furthermore, it is irresponsible to ignore your career plan. You were born for a different purpose. Many people avoid writing a plan because they do not know from where to start. The instruction below will help you.

  Develop a Step-by-Step Career Guide


  • Consider what you like and do well in your current position to identify your long term career goals.
  • Assess how many hours per day and week would you like to work to shorten the list of your possible employments.
  • Define your priorities and develop your career approach. What items are the most important for you? Salary, satisfaction, social package, the length of the leaves, working in a team or having individual tasks?
  • Write a systematic (post-by-post) plan to your long term career goals. Think about the skills you should improve or develop.
  • Ask people, who have achieved success in the position you are dreaming about, to give you some advice and recommendations for your career approach.
  • Visit professional courses and seminars, or volunteer in thematic programs, which will help you to move forward.

The detailed plan and clear vision of the way will help you to find your dream job. It will not happen at once, but constant dropping wears away a stone. Do not be upset if the current position is not a direct way to your dream. Statistics say that 16% of workers feel the same. Do not hurry to quit if you fail to find the appropriate position right now. Use all possibilities, free time, and higher incomes to come closer to your career objective.

The difference between dream and plan lies in deadlines. Thinking about future broadens your abilities and opens many doors, which you did not notice before. Do not be like a blind kitten! Do your best! Develop and realize your potential! You need it! Do not hesitate! Take a piece of paper and write down your plan right now! I believe in you! Stand out of the crowd!

Published: October 25, 2016
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