4 Cool Engagement Party Tips

If you are a lucky one to get “the question,” you are probably on the cloud nine right now. However, very soon, if not yet, you’ll hear a lot of questions, such as “When is the wedding?”, or “When is the engagement party?,” from all your relatives. To lay off these questions, you can throw a kick-ass engagement party gathering all your loved ones to celebrate this important milestone of your life.Engagement-party-ideasTo help you in the process of planning an engagement party, we’ve gathered the best ideas that you might like.

  1. Glamping. For those who don’t know, glamping is a kind of camping, but with a touch of glamor. No, seriously, it even comes from GLamor+cAMPING. You can create decoration, food, and entertainment by yourself, and have the best party imaginable.
  2. Gatsby inspired party. Probably, the most stylish amongst these cool party themes is an idea inspired by The Great Gatsby. If you like the epoch described in the book, you can ask your guests to suit up, decorate in a chic way, and have a movie-like engagement party.
  3. 3. Rooftop party. If you are looking for fun places to throw a party, you should consider something closer to the stars, for example, a rooftop. Bring some wine, snacks and enjoy your lovely evening with a family.
  4. Wine tasting. This is probably the easiest because you don’t need to organize everything by yourself per se, rather invite everyone to a winery and have all the fun imaginable.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ideas for a great engagement party. You may through a color-coded party or even a party on the beach – everything is only limited by your imagination. One thing is obligatory, though it MUST be fun!

Published: October 30, 2016
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