How to Choose a Career

Choosing your future career is never an easy task. Provided with multiple options, you can easily lose your way and get perplexed. In order not to waste time, you have to develop a plan of finding the perfect job for you. Here is an example of such a plan.


  1. Make a List for Choosing a Career Path

The first thing to do it is to create a list of all possible career options that you are willing to consider. Do not limit yourself and write down everything that comes to your mind. Look through a career guide and pick anything that catches your eye without thinking about all aspects too thoroughly. Ignore the paradox of choice at this point.

  1. Make First Eliminations

To weed out the inappropriate options, you have to ask yourself two questions: What am I good at?  How far do I want to go? The first question is obvious; the best possible career options concern those areas in which you have innate abilities. Whether it is arts or science, choose what you are actually good at, otherwise you will struggle to keep up from the very beginning. The second question is harder. Consider your options and think how much of the hardships that come with this choice you are ready to take. Some jobs require much more attention than 8 hours per day so think whether you want to endure that.

  1. Evaluate the Options

Once you have cut your list down to the jobs in which you can see your future, dig deeper. A good way to get information is to talk directly to the people of these professions. By doing this, you will get rid of the imaginary job impression, which you have created, and will get the real insight into it. Ask about not only rewards, but also what people dislike in their job. First-hand feedback will have a major impact on your list.

  1. Get a Hands-on Experience

At this point, you have already narrowed your list down to only few options that interest you the most. Now, it is vital to try yourself in them. Seek opportunities of internships, apprenticeships or volunteer work. Being put directly into the working environment, you will be able to make the final decision. You will save time and money not wasting your efforts for something that is clearly not your vocation.

Only few of us end up doing something we have dreamed of since childhood. For the majority, finding the right career with the paradox of choice comes down to very practical aspects of tries and errors. In order not to lose time in meaningless wandering, follow these four steps and you will find something just for you.

Published: November 1, 2016
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