Fun Autumn Activities to Organize in the Classroom

Almost everyone loves fall with its colorful trees, cozy sweaters, and pumpkins. However, it is also the beginning of the school year. Lots of children struggle to stay motivated in the classroom when it is the festival season. Here are some ideas for the teachers on how to integrate some autumn-themed fun into the monotonous studying routine.

Fall Ideas for Reading

Fun-autumn-activities-to-organize-in-the-classroomWhat to do in autumn, if not to read? Besides traditional holiday stories, include various informational articles that describe the origin of fall festivals, their customs and how they are celebrated around the world. These stories will increase children’s interest and create the holiday mood. For example, kids will enjoy reading about how to do their own Halloween costume or why we eat turkey on Thanksgiving. These articles may also be helpful in developing the outlook regarding history and geography.

Ideas for Writing

In order to bring in some color into the classroom, use photos for writing prompts. They are much more interesting than a simple assignment like “describe Thanksgiving evening in your family”. Instead, add a caption to an interesting picture that will encourage children’s imagination and assist them in creating their stories. To take it even further, give kids a chance to take their own photos to accompany their stories. For example, they can write about local celebration of Halloween and include own photos or pictures of their friends doing trick-or-treat.

Ideas for Reviewing Vocabulary

Any kinds of holidays are perfect for revising and enriching vocabulary. To begin with, create holiday or autumn themed word lists and include some word games that kids love. Most of such games can be adjusted to any subject and played without using any additional materials.

For instance, write keywords on separate cards and divide them between two kids in a pair. The rules are to help the other person guess the word without actually saying it. They can use synonyms, examples of word usage in a sentence or definitions. This activity is good for practicing new words.

Despite the fact that autumn can be gloomy and rainy, it is still an amazing season that all children love. Bring this excitement into your classroom by creating fall themed lessons that will give kids fresh ideas what to do in autumn and develop various skills.

Published: November 4, 2016
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